Friday, 11 February 2011

Weather update...

Michael Fish: he once said there wouldn't be a hurricane, but then there was one!
Just seen Michael Fish, looking decidedly unkempt and dressed in some kind of black coat, as if he'd just walked in from a blizzard. He was presenting the weather on the BBC and I just caught 'fine on Saturday, rain on Sunday', which kind of means we've got to go for it tomorrow.

Thomas Edison: he invented the lightbulb!

Today – within the hour – I will embark on another 30-minute sprint, meaning I've done it everyday of this week and yes, I do feel better as a result, which is good. I'm planning to keep it up. Yesterday I was out in the drizzle, proof of true dedication.
The good-looking one from The Bangles.

Oh, and I have no rear brake. Pull on the lever: nothing; so it's got to be fixed. Fortunately, I've still got a front brake.

And somebody, stop me from constantly whistling 'Walk Like an Egyptian' by the Bangles.

And one last thing, Thomas Edison, the man who invented the lightbulb, would be 164 years old today if he hadn't died. Yes, it's his birthday!

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