Tuesday, 8 February 2011

To Tatsfield Village...

We're getting there, but slowly. By that I mean that the New Year is now underway and we're kind of getting out there, but need to do much more. This week we only went on Sunday, last week we didn't go at all and the week before that we just went on a Sunday too. In other words, we're slacking and need to sort ourselves out.

Andy's Kona on Warlingham Green at 0730 hrs. I was nowhere to be seen, but I was on my way! Honest!
I've suggested that this coming weekend we head on down to Westerham, which would dust away the old cobwebs a little. Mind you, I think I need to get my act together too. I've been leaving the house miles too late.

In fact, the photograph illustrating this post was sent to me by Andy on Sunday morning to give me some idea about what Warlingham Green looks like at 0730hrs. I think Andy was trying to be funny by suggesting that I'm not on time. He's right, of course, so I don't have a leg to stand on. This weekend I plan to make the tea early and be a little more organised and then I'll leave the house bang on 0700hrs and hey, I'll be early! That's the plan at any rate.

Other news...

I've started cycling every day. Only a shortish 30-minute sprint, but it's keeping me fit (I hope) and it's been working like this: I set my stop watch for 30 minutes and then see if I can get back before the alarm goes off. So far, so good. On my first attempt on Saturday 6th February I got back with 1.48 minutes left; yesterday (Monday 7th February) I returned with 1.11 minutes to go (this was due to strong winds that slowed me down) and this morning, I'm not sure what time I put in as the mobile phone needed charging, but I reckon it was an okay time even if I did stop the bike at one stage in the woods. Let's see what tomorrow brings, but my plan is to do this every day. It's a half-hour run from either 0900hrs to 0930hrs or, as I'm planning, an early one at 0700hrs.

The route:-

Barnfield Road then left into Ellenbridge.
Turn right into Southcote Road.
Straight across Ridgeway into Hook Hill.
Hook Hill to Briton Hill Road.
Left into Church way heading towards Morley Road.
Turning back into Church Way and hanging left into Norfolk Avenue.
Turn left into Arundel Avenue and the follow road towards Ridge Langley.
Turn left into Ridge Langley, go round the loop and out through the alley onto the Upper Selsdon Road.
Turn left onto Selsdon Road and then cross the road and go off-road through the golf course and into Croham Hurst Woods.
Turn left on Croham Manor Road, then left on to Upper Selsdon Road before hanging right into West Hill and then left into Barnfield Road.

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  1. I so need to do the same as my bike sits idle for too long mate